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Production dates 1771/1771
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-12
Production dates 1853/1853
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-22
Production dates 1565/1632
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-03
Production dates 1793/1823
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/FAA-JAAA
Production dates 1721/1721
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-07
Production dates 1974/1974
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-28
Record not reviewed.
Um documento sobre autos de agravo.
Production dates 1777/1777
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/MON/CSTJSTR