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Reference code PT/ADB-UM/COL/M
Production dates 1734-06-16/1755-10-21
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-10-2
Cartas recebidas.
Production dates 1758/1758
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-10-4
Production dates 1772-04-20/1808
Production dates 1698/1829
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-10-3
Production dates 1642/1673
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-10-1
Cartas recebidas.
Production dates 1774/1774
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-10-5
Carta de arrematação de prazos.
Production dates 1763/1763
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-10-6
Production dates 1847/1903
Reference code PT/UM-ADB/FAM/ACA-24-2